LCD Display SW-M81

An impressive 4.0″ Portrait Screen with a neat contour and awesome full-color visual effect. Besides its ingenious interface, SW-M81 features NFC tag, Bluetooth and mobile App, supports CAN protocol, incoming call indication and smart helmet connection, this all-round model is a competitive match for premium eMTB, City e-bike, fat bikes, and high-end e-scooters.

LCD Display SW-R20

Smooth exquisite screen embedded into a sturdy 3D forged aluminum stem, SW-R20 is undoubtedly an ideal final solution to a neat, wire-concealed design. Its rise angle and extension are compatible with most City e-bikes and some eMTB. The fabulous 2.0“ TFT color screen display combined with NFC tag, light sensor, Bluetooth and mobile App would be a huge plus for your distinctive e-bikes.

LCD Display SW-M818

Premium 4.0” Portrait Screen with brilliant full-colour visual effect. Sleek metal frame and extra-thin full-screen design contribute to its exquisite look, Furthermore, SW-M818 comes with the latest dual-battery status display plus dual drive switch and status display. With IP67 protection rating and a humble price tag, it is arguably a perfect choice for premium eMTB and fat bikes.

LCD Display SW-M808X

Extra-Large 4.0” Horizontal Screen with brilliant full-colour visual effect. In addition to its sleek and neat exterior look, SW-M808X comes with the latest dual-battery status display plus dual drive switch and status display. With IP67 protection rating and a humble price tag, it is specifically designed for premium fat bikes, eMTB, and high-end e-scooters

LCD Display SW-M61

Metallic frame and slim exterior design give SW-M61 a premium look, the Type-C charge port and Bluetooth function add to its versatility, and integrated light sensors provide a sharp view in various riding conditions.

LCD Display SW-K60

Featured with an optimized concise interface and architectural frame design, SW-K60 goes perfectly with e-MTB, fat bikes or mopeds, and works with most CAN bus or UART systems. Horizontal and vertical screen version available.

LCD Display SW-G31

A compact color LCD display which suits almost e-bikes and scooters. With impressive robust interface design and CAN Bus & Bluetooth functions, you can always count on it for more highlights on the way.

LCD Display SW-G518

Clear VA screen even under the sun: the concisely shaped e-bike display also features a Type-A charge port and IPX6 waterproof rate, exceeding your expectations of reliable outdoor performance.

LCD Display SW-T10

Unlike traditional displays that clutter the handlebars, SW-T10 is elegantly integrated into the bike’s top tube, creating a sleek and streamlined look that contributes to the bike’s overall aesthetic and a clean cockpit. Designed with precision engineering and user-centered innovation, this cutting-edge display offers unparalleled clarity and responsiveness.

LCD Display SW-A90

At a glance, SW-A90 commands attention with its game-changer display, providing crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight or low-light conditions. From speed and distance traveled to battery life and ride mode selection, all essential riding data are vibrantly presented on this expansive screen, ensuring you stay informed and in control throughout your journey.