It is our privilege that customers worldwide choose Sciwil products, and it is also our responsibility to provide satisfying service and warranty. Sciwil’s warranty terms are as follows:

Warranty Period:

  1. In compliance with local laws and normal usage, the limited warranty period covers 24 months after the date of manufacturing (as indicated by the serial number).
  2. The limited warranty shall not be transferred to a third party other than as specified in the agreement with Sciwil.
  3. Other situations may be covered, depending on the agreement between Sciwil and the buyer.

Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Sciwil products that have been modified or repaired without authorization
  2. Sciwil products that have been used for rental, commercial applications, or competition
  3. Damage resulting from causes other than defects in material or manufacturing process, including but not limited to an accident, neglect, improper assembly, improper repair, maintenance alteration, modification, abnormal excessive wear or improper use.
  4. Damage due to buyer’s improper transportation or storage, and damage during shipping (the responsible party should be determined using INCOTERMS regulations).
  5. Damage to the surface after leaving the factory, including shell, screen, buttons, or other appearance parts.
  6. Damage to wiring and cables after leaving the factory, including breaks and exterior scratches.
  7. Failure due to an improper user configuration or unauthorized changes in the relevant accessories parameters, or debugging by the users or the third party.
  8. Damage or loss due to force majeure.
  9. Beyond the warranty period. Please contact our Service Center (service@sciwil.com) for more information.