Frequently Asked Questions!

Please check if the cable is well connected to the controller, and if the battery is properly charge and working.

We suggest you contact your e-bike dealer or maintenance store for further instruction.

For quick reference, you may also download corresponding user manual and go to “Error Code”.

Please note that due to variation of different e-bike protocols, the user manual you downloaded from our website may not cover all e-bike protocols.

Any Sciwil display must pair with the controller protocol and your e-bike specs before it can properly work on your e-bike. Therefore, we suggest you contact your e-bike dealer or manufacturer for further instructions.

Our limited warranty covers water leakage under proper use. In this scenario, please contact your dealer for service or replacement.
You can manually reset your trip data by entering the setting manual and confirming the Reset ODO distance by selecting Yes. Alternatively you can reset your counter via Settings > Factory Reset.